The Snake River Spaniel Club is in existence to promote the breed in developing a truly versatile hunting companion.

Hello, and welcome to the Snake River Spaniel Club website. Our club is an AKC Performance Club which hosts informal "field" training sessions tailored to both the handlers and the skill level of each participating dog, from young pups to AKC Hunt Test and Field Trial prospects.

Questing, flushing, retrieving, marking falls and making blind retrieves are all possible during a training session. Inexperienced handlers are given suggestions by those with more knowledge.

Our club is entertaining the possibility of hosting an AKC Spaniel Hunt Test in the next year or so. AKC has asked Spaniel Hunt Test hosts to allow Retrievers to participate in their events and we intend to do that. Our training sessions are open to Retrievers being taught "Upland Hunting" skills.

Please review our club information posted on this web site.  If you have any questions about our activities, don't hesitate to send me a message.  We hope that you will join us!

Mike Dickens
Snake River Spaniel Club


Club member Kevin Holcomb directs Flint to "hup."

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